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for 3 months - 2 1/2 year olds

The Adventurers Rooms are shared spaces for Babies and Toddlers to explore. There are no doors between the rooms,

allowing and encouraging children to play in the space they feel most comfortable.

Children can free-flow between the two rooms, as well as into the garden. The children are able to learn

from their peers in this mixed age-group setting.

There are several areas for the children to explore, including: a large climbing frame for development of gross-motor skills;

a role-play area for practicing all those every-day skills children learn from their parents,

like cooking and dressing themselves; a sensory space for curiosity and exploratory play;

and a large block area for construction; as well as a quiet space for sleeping and resting to look at books.

Children choose the equipment and activities that they enjoy

engaging with as well as having the opportunity to join in with

group activities at Key Group time and story and song time.

Across the nursery, children are assigned a Key Person who

develops a strong relationship with children and their families.


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