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for 2.5 - 3 year olds

The Explorers room caters for children aged 2 1/2- 3 years and focuses on children’s creative development with particular scope for open ended activities, materials and resources that require children to expand and use their imaginations in new and exciting ways as well as tuning into their personal experiences.

Explorers room uses children’s developmental needs to provide a fun, stimulating environment based on the children’s interests.

Children are encouraged to find new ways to use resources including junk modelling to create new props, material of all shapes, sizes and colour for dressing up in a variety of ways and a range of malleable materials to make concoctions of varying consistency.

Children are encouraged to explore materials such as paint,

mud, goo and corn flour to name but a few every day.

Staff use these experiences to develop children’s communication

and language skills and encourage children to reflect

on these experiences during different types of play.

Children quickly adapt to the open ended materials

and show a level of creative ability through their play.

Staff are always on hand to introduce new ideas

and ways in which to use resources keeping in mind

the children’s general level of development.

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