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Outside Space

The nursery garden has several areas for the children to explore including: a sunny decking area; a large space for sand; a ‘roadway’ for bikes and scooters; a herb garden; a denned area; a pirate ship; spaces for balancing, building and climbing; quiet spaces for relaxing and/or looking at books; and open areas for use of balls, hoops and running games.

The patio doors of the nursery lead out initially onto the raised decked area of the garden, which is divided in half so that children can stay close to their own rooms or move across to the other side of the nursery when the gates are open.

Children are encouraged to develop gross-motor skills using bikes and scooters and different activities are planned daily for children to explore.

We interact with the local community on a regular basis, taking children for walks to the beach, park, high street, library, fire station and anywhere else children take an interest in visiting.

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